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"Tell the world we are in grave danger...
 Tell our story. Tell them who we are and what we have lost already.''
                                                                             ~Sebriano, Mayan resident of Xcalacoop, Yucatan
An elderly Maya man named Sebriano who lives near the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza told Maria and I numerous stories about elemental beings in the jungle, old Mayan gods come to life, and water-filled caves that lead to Xibalba, also known as the passageway to the after-life. He told us stories he had never shared before and then he asked us to promise that we would share those stories with the world. He said it was vital. He said happiness itself was at stake...  READ MORE 
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Xperiences travel advice and all sorts of mysterious creatures, places & practices

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Love short stories?

I RAN AWAY TO MEXICO: An Unexpected Spiritual Journey is a collection of true stories from Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. Think erupting volcanoes, sacred caves, crocodiles, odd characters, nature spirits, time travel, and even UFO's! This one is a real page-turner. So grab a cup of coffee--or a margarita--and snuggle up in a comfy chair and let Laura whisk you away on an adventure!

I Ran Away to Mexico:

An Unexpected Spiritual Journey

"This is a beautiful book, packed full of wonderful stories, rich with engaging characters and written in a way that makes you feel you are there with Laura on Caribbean islands, eating delicious food, feeling the sun and the rain, living every moment of life to the full, in a very humble and real way. It also carries very powerful messages of what is truly important in life, and those messages had me both laughing and crying throughout the book. Very lovely."

                                                            Joanna Gregory 

                                                            Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Laura LaBrie

I really did run away to Mexico. I sold everything, put my life in a carry-on suitcase and a backpack and spent the next 6 years traveling and living in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. I RAN AWAY TO MEXICO: AN UNEXPECTED SPIRITUAL JOURNEY is filled with short stories about my adventures with titles like; Blue People, Tiki-Bar Time Travel, Stuck in Nowhere, Cans and Guilt, The Mother Earth Tree and much, much more. You can get it in both paperback and e-book by following the yellow button link to Amazon.  


Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:

My life became an experiment. But the results of my experiment were more than I bargained for. I unexpectedly found a spiritual thickness hovering over Latin America. From Mayan pyramids and cavernous entrances to the underworld, to shape-shifting beings and places where time and space bend, I found the remote rain forests and islands are rife with other-worldliness. As my journey took me deeper into the bowels of a land wracked with poverty and human suffering, I became increasingly aware of how the struggle for survival on this narrow isthmus is not won in this realm, but in the one beyond.

5 stars on Amazon

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This one is about a supernatural Mayan creature called an Alux that makes its presence known in my Mexican condo on the beach.

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Laura LaBrie is the author of seven books, including 5-star rated I RAN AWAY TO MEXICO: AN UNEXPECTED SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. She is also a Photographer, Adventure Traveler, Mentor, Speaker, Reverend, Teacher and Founder of The Happify Project. She has been living and traveling in Mexico & Central America for the past seven years and, despite finding herself quite often in remote places, she manages to stay in close touch with her three grown children who are also world travelers. She loves the beach and sailing and has a huge heart for what she likes to call, "the beauty in the poor places" and for taking YOU there!

Hey There... You Intrepid Life-Traveler, You Thinker-Outside-the-Box,  You Seeker-of-More,

I'm Laura.  I have been living and traveling in Mexico & Central America for the past seven years. (With a few side trips to other remote corners of the world) I love getting off the beaten path, going on crazy adventures, spending time with locals, tracking down folklore, trying new foods, and learning languages that frankly confound me, like Yucatec and Zapotec Maya!

I have seen some amazing things: some unexplainable, some lovely, a few heart-breaking, some mysterious, many hysterically funny, and most breathtaking.

And now I want to take you there. 

Come join the adventure, because an adventure it is. I admit, I have a hard time sitting still, but that is because I always am so excited to see what's around the next bend!

Integrating Life,