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I'm Laura. I am so happy you stopped by! I live in a little fishing village in Mexico and do a LOT of exploring. I spend my time collecting some of the most intriguing stories of the local culture, mysteries, supernatural happenings and spiritual beings, and lovely local people and am working to preserve those stories and honor the tellers! I am learning so much and I am excited to share the wisdom and magic of the Maya people with YOU! I am an author, teacher, researcher, and photographer. Wanna chat? Email me at or find me at Mysterious Mexico on FB. I would love to hear from you!

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These stories are thrilling.! Especially since a real person (Laura is real!) is taking us by the hand and guiding us thru the labyrinth of Magical Mexico!


Vivian Marlene Dunbar

Editor in Chief: Baja News

Follow the stories as they unfold. We are unearthing mysteries in the jungles and discovering clues to both ancient and modern secrets! Now YOU can be part of the adventure and watch the story unfold!

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Mysteries & Magic

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Tiny villages, jungle trails, Maya ruins, local people, sacred cave pools, and always with questions we are working to answer! Who KNOWS where you might go if you join us on a REAL RESEARCH trip! We will talk to the locals, find clues to mysteries, and track down answers all while enjoying the natural beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula and getting up close and personal with the culture, people, and folklore of the Maya. This is an adventure you won't forget. Every trip is different. Join us an get off the beaten path and into a world of magic and mystery! 

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Find out what's happening. Stay up to date with the stories that are unfolding. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss a thing! We are uncovering secrets and discovering mysteries almost every day here in the jungles, cenotes, and pueblos of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula! Read about elemental beings, shamanic practices, magic, and the Maya cosmovision! 

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Mystery & Magic

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