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Ancient Art Meditative Coloring Pages

Connect with the magic of the ancients through meditative coloring.

These pages are a gift to you so that you may connect with Maya artists from a thousand years ago. 

Every page is an actual photo of ancient Maya art turned into black and white art for you to color in. They all hold the energy of the original paintings. And they are all filled with symbols of altered states (the water lilies and fish), shamanism (the jaguar), and shapeshifting magic (animals with human attributes!)

To order the complete coloring book you can visit the shop! 

Directions: Click on the button next to the picture and download. Print out and color in!
doggie conch with border.png
three fishes with border.jpg
Three Fishes
Waterlily Monster
waterlily monster with border.png
waterliliy jaguar.png
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