Cenote: Sacred Pool

cenote sacred pool oracle card

The clear, still water of the cenote has come to you. Imagine yourself deep in the jungle. Wild palms and huge zapote and tamarind trees fill the landscape. In front of you is a grand and very sacred ceiba tree and at its base is a smallish opening into the earth, an entrance to a cave. There is a set of stone steps leading down to a pool of water so clear you are not sure if there is even water there. Stalactites hang from the ceiling of the cave and a beautiful bird with the tail of a grandfather clock sits on a rock outcropping, tilting his head and winking at you.


You are in the pools of the rain. The water is refreshing and sweet. Chaac, the rain god, has gifted you with this sacred water. You slip into the pool and dive beneath the surface and there you see a gaping hole, huge and black. It is the entrance to the vast labyrinth of water filled caves that stretches for hundreds of miles under the Yucatan Peninsula. It is the entrance to Xibalba, the Maya Underworld.


When Cenote comes to you, it brings you access to other realms. Is the portal open? Some days, the cenote is simply a pool in an elaborate cave system. On other days, the portal is open. Can you feel it? Perhaps today the sky is overcast and threatening rain. Chaac is readying himself to send the earth a gift and the energy of the Supernaturals has lifted the veil between worlds. Be patient, child. Stay focused and you will begin to feel the worlds shifting. You may see the past or the future. You may see things that can be, possibilities. You may feel the connection to the gods and to the elemental beings who guard the sacred places. Keep your eyes open, for this is the time to look through the door, and perhaps even to enter it.