Yaxche: The Center & The World Tree

yaxche sacred ceiba tree oracle card

Representation: The World Tree or Ceiba

Color: Blue-Green

Energy: Harmony, Balance


At the center, is the axis of the world, the great ceiba tree. The roots of the tree reside in the Underworld, her trunk in the Middleworld and her branches in the Overworld. The souls of the dead and the supernaturals of the Maya cosmos use the tree to move from level to level.


In the center, where the World Tree stretches herself from the below to the above, all things come together. There is a saying, “As the sky, so is the earth.” Yaxche, the center, is vital. You must find Yaxche because without her you become unbalanced and out of rhythm with the world. Without Yaxche, you cannot live in harmony with the earth, our galaxy, and the Universe. 


Ritual: To receive balance and ask all four spirits of the cardinal directions to work with you, you will need all four colors (red, white, black or blue, and yellow)  and the color of Yaxche, which is blue-green. Place something red and a candle toward the east, something white and a candle toward the north, something black or blue and a candle toward the west, something yellow and a candle toward the south and something blue-green and a candle in the center. (NOTE: the Maya use candles in these colors and it would be super cool if you could do the same) Then stand in the center and ask the spirits of the four directions to come to you. This brings balance. You partake of both beginnings and endings, both unity and duality, both clarity and change, both the future and the past, both increasing and diminishing. This is a powerful ritual and can be done as often as you like to bring balance into your life.