Ak'bal: The Night

akbal night oracle card

Key Words: Finding Answers Within, Darkness Before the Dawn, Night

Animal: Bat

Direction: West

Color: Blue

Element: Water

Energy: Duality, Change

Energetic Places: Caves, Valleys, Dawn, Dusk

Gemstone: Obsidian


Ak’bal is the Night House, the darkest time right before the dawn. When Ak’bal comes, she brings access to the underworld. Ask her to bring light into places that have long been dark. She reveals things that have been hidden, unlocks secrets, and brings light to uncover the underlying causes of problems. She helps you get to the heart of things. She will protect you from lies and hidden agendas. She reveals the motivations, thoughts, and emotions of others, giving you power to see into the hearts of those around you.


Ak’bal also brings to light matters of the heart. She revels in revealing hidden love. If you secretly love someone, her energy is now here to help you express your feelings. And if someone is secretly in love with you, you can expect them to declare how they are feeling.


Today is a good day to:

  • Light a fire at sunrise or sunset

  • Ask for revelation of hidden things