Ix: Magic Jaguar

Ix the Magic Jaguar oracle card

Key Words: Feminine Energy, Things of the Earth, The Goddess Ixchel

Animal: Jaguar

Direction: North

Color: White

Element: Air

Energy: Transparency, Clarity, Truth

Energetic Places: Ceremonial places, Pyramids, Forests, Mountains

Gemstone: Moonstone


Ix is the sacred name of divinity on earth. Her energy is strong and feminine and is linked to the goddess Ixchel—the goddess of childbearing and storms. When Ix comes to you, it is a time to tap into your feminine energy and to harness your inner magic. Ix brings lovely vitality and sacred wisdom. As a protector of the Earth, Ix reminds you to connect with and honor Mother Nature. She asks you to give thanks to the Earth for everything she provides and to do your part in protecting her. Ix reminds you of the alter where we present offerings and gifts and asks you to ask forgiveness for any part you might have taken in exploiting nature. A beautiful feminine energy, Ix wraps you in the mysterious magic of the natural world and invites you to partake in it!


This is a good day to:

  • Make offerings and give gifts to the Earth

  • Use feminine energy

  • Work magic