Eb: The Path

eb the path oracle card

Key Words: Life Path, Travel, Destiny

Animal: Mountain Lion

Direction: South

Color: Yellow

Element: Earth

Energy: Harvest, Endings

Energetic Places: Mountains, Cold Forests, Rivers

Gemstone: Malachite


Eb’ is the path of destiny. He is your life path, your way, your direction. In Yucatec Mayan, the greeting we translate as, “How are you?” actually literally means, “How is your path?”


Eb comes to help you create the life you want, to follow your dreams, to consider your future, define your desires, and come into agreeing vibration with where your destiny lies. When Eb’ appears, you can know that your ancestors are ready to listen if you want to ask for their help, direction, and advice. You can also be assured that good luck in both spiritual and material matters is at hand.


In addition to being about you path in life, Eb’ also brings opportunity for travel. So, if you are longing to go on an adventure, planning to take a trip, visit faraway places, or even just explore the town you live in, Eb’ brings with him the energy for a lovely experience in seeing what’s around the next bend!


Today is a good day to:

  • Travel

  • Dream of what you want to manifest in life

  • Ask for good luck