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Poverty Project International

It all starts with the ONE in front of you

How You can Help Those in Need

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Don't be overwhelmed by the name. Poverty Project International is just me, Laura, connecting with local people in Mexico and Central America. The name came from the time I spent living among the poor in Panama in order to better understand their way of life. Poverty Project International is a registered non-profit, but there is no staff. It is life happening. Sometimes it is volunteers. But mostly, it is just a way for me to help the person standing in front of me. 

If you would like to read stories about some of the things I've done in the past, you can go here

So, what is happening now?

Hurricane Delta Food Crop Relief in Maya Villages 

Help Feed Maya Families!

$50 USD feeds a family of 10 for a month!


Hurricane Delta has devastated Maya farms.

We are doing what we can to help my good friend and shaman, Francisco, and his family and 300 families in the surrounding area.

Hurricane Delta destroyed the corn crops in the area and corn is the center, the basic staple of life, in the heart of the Yucatan.  The Maya use it to make the tortillas they live on and pozol, a nutritious drink, and they use it to feed their farm animals (chickens, pigs and cows) Now, they are in a desperate rush to gather in what little corn remains on the broken stalks before it molds or is eaten by animals, because if they don't, there will be no seed for next year! These lovely people have already lost SO MUCH! Farming is not their full time job. All of these farmers also have to work other jobs in order to care for their families and, because of the pandemic, most have been out of work for many months. Now, they have lost the food for this season AND are working hard to salvage the seeds for next. If they do not gather in what little seed they can, this corn will be lost forever. It is heirloom corn that their lives have revolved around since times of antiquity. It cannot be replaced. The new corn seeds they would be forced to purchase are gov't seeds that are GMO sterile seeds and would lock these farmers into needing to purchase seed every year--something they simply cannot afford to do. On top of everything, there are poisonous snakes in the fields! Francisco's nephew was bitten the day before we were there to tour the farms! Thankfully, Francisco has been able to treat the snakebite and the young man should recover.

Since the farmers will need to save all the seeds they can to plant next year, they will NOT HAVE ENOUGH TO FEED THEIR FAMILIES this year.  So, we are buying food to help them get through this season until they can feed themselves again after the next harvest. 

There are about 300 farms that need help.

$50 USD will feed a family of 10 people for an entire month!

$50 will buy a 50 kilo (110 pound) bag or corn to make the masa for tortillas, tamales, atole, and so much more that the Maya people eat. It will also help pay for veggies like tomatoes, onions, and chilies the people need to have a balanced diet and round out their meals. Just think,  for the price of a night out for dinner, you can feed and entire family for a MONTH!

Please help us help these lovely people until they can plant their next crop so they can feed their own families again. 

So much love and compassion to you..

Thank you


$15 USD buys food for a family for a week

Please, help as many families as you can

You can donate or use paypal at

and add "Hurricane Food Relief" as the purpose. Make sure to select "giving to friends and family" so we don't get charged a business fee. 

Thanks so much!

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