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Want to Collect Some Stories with Laura?

Embark on a Spiritual Journey, Explore Remote Places, or Join an Open Expedition

Join me on a 2 day spiritual journey deep into Yucatan to meet with my personal shaman. You wil recieve a traditional Mayan cleansing and have a private consultation (translator provided) with Don Francisco, the last healer in his village. You will also get to swim in  a sacred and beautiful cenote, explore a Mayan village, enjoy traditional Mayan food, meet Don Francisco's family, and join a local excursion of the shaman's choosing. For more info just click on the button above!     

Join me on an expedition to track down magical, mysterious and mystical stories of aluxes, cenote dragons, shapeshifting creatures and elemental beings deep in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico! This is a real research trip and you will find yourself in tiny Mayan villages, meeting local people, sampling Mayan food and hearing the legends and true stories of the lovely modern Maya people. For more info, click on the button above!

This remote lagoon has a cenote in it!

Come join me as we explore a remote area at the edge of the Zona Maya. You'll find an amazing cave filled with untouched stalactites, an important and beautiful ruin site with a temple, and a lagoon in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere where you can soak in cool, fresh water and do a scrub with the mineral filled soft sand. We will enjoy a local lunch with traditional Mexican & Mayan food too for a fun-filled and invigorating day!

For more information, just click on the button above. 

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