Where Spirit and Nature Meet

A Lagoon with a Cenote, The Temple of a Goddess, 

and a Dazzling Cave 

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The following schedule is our starting point. It will remain open to change because we are exploring and doing research along the way and we don't really know where we might end up!

Laguna Ka'an Luum


Laguna Ka'an Luum is a fresh water lagoon with a cenote in it! Its pristine waters are constantly renewed by the cenote spring water welling up from its depth and bringing rich minerals including magnesium, calcium and potassium with it. Soaking in it will leave you feeling relaxed and revived for hours afterwards and you can even use the pearl white sand at its bottom for an exfoliating and rejuvenating mud bath. It's an all natural spa treatment in exquisite tropical paradise! And bring your camera because you will also find exotic birds, a boardwalk through the mangroves, and a high platform where you can climb up to admire the entire natural area. The view is breath-taking!  

Chunyaxche Ruins

Set in a quiet jungle with limestone edged paths and towering ceiba trees, these Maya ruins are home to the temple of the warrior/fertility goddess Ixchel and an ancient meditation center. 

You can feel a deep sense of peace as you walk through the ruins, some completely unexcavated and hiding mysteriously under tall stands of tumbled rock. Beneath your feet lies a labyrinth of caves and occasionally you will find portals to this underworld beckoning you.  It is a mystical place indeed!

El Castillo in Muyil
tacos cochinta pibil yum

Local Maya & Mexican Food 


Enjoy typical Maya and Mexican dishes in a garden restaurant in the quaint village of Muyil.


Think spiced pork buried in the earth and smoked for hours, authentic tacos and tortas, Aztec soup, hibiscus tea, homemade lemonade, cold beer, panuchos and salbutes all served fresh and in a setting with lush tropical plants and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Uku Cuzam Cave


Uku Cuzam--the cave of the swallows--is an extraordinary example of unspoiled stalactites and stalagmites, crystal clear water, and several cave "rooms" you can walk through. It is part of a much larger cave system and its dark and watery chambers, which have recently been mapped by cave divers, speak of sacred rituals and deep earth energies. 

Descending into the earth here gives you a sense of entering an ancient and magical natural cathedral. Its a place that commands hushed whispers. Its a place where time seems to be suspended and the earth feels holy again.


A full day of adventure for just $120 USD


  • all entry fees

  • our gentle guidance

  • unexpected connections with local people

  • possible exploration of close-by places

  • all transportation

the cost of lunch is not included

lunch selections range from 65 pesos to 130 pesos

General Schedule

keep in mind that the schedule is open to change

A pleasant 1 1/2 hour drive full of conversation about where we are going and the mysteries and magic that surround the area


Short nature walk on a boardwalk through the mangroves with the opportunity to climb to a high platform where you can view the jungle and mangroves from above and really see the cenote that lies within the lagoon

Soak and swim in a pristine fresh water lagoon filled with minerals that promote both your health and well-being

Mud bath in the lagoon

Explore the ruins at Chunyaxche including visiting both the temple to the goddess Ixchel and the meditation building.  There will be opportunity for you to reflect and spend some quiet time meditating  among these ancient and peaceful ruins if you desire.

Enjoy the tastes of authentic Maya and Mexican food in a quaint garden restaurant

Descend into a breath-taking and magnificent cave complete with ancient formations, wandering passagways, crystal clear pools, and hidden chambers. The experience here promotes a sense of awe, quiteness, and sacredness. 

Return to Puerto Morelos in the late afternoon. 

All along the way we will be seeking to answer a list of questions to help us dig deeper into the mysteries of this area.