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Oracle Card Readings for Guidance

How it works
Decide which reading you would like. Carefully write in what you would like to know about, what your question is. This is not really designed for yes/no questions. If you don't know how to phrase your question, just explain what you would like to know about and I will put it into an appropriate question for you. I will draw the cards and interpret them based on your question. Then I will take a photo of the cards and email it to you along with a detailed explanation and some suggestions about how you can apply the information to your life! 
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You Have 4 Options
2 Card Sacred Day Reading
Based on the Tzolk'in Sacred Mayan Calendar

Two cards are drawn and read together as one. Together they form a single energy that will help bring you direction.  

1. Mayan Day God, 2. Point on the Magical Energy Wave

 5 Card Maya Cross Reading

The 5 Point Cross is central to the cosmovision of the Maya

1.  What is beginning 2. What is clear. 3. What is changing 4. What is ending. 5. What advice to follow.

7 Card Virtues of Divine Power reading

The Divine Virtues encompass the four elements (fire, air, water, & earth), Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth & Center


1. Fire: What drives you, 2. Air: What you think about, 3. Water: Your emotions

4. Earth: What grounds you, 5. Heart of Sky: Your heavenly guardian, 6. Heart of Earth: Your earthly guardian

7. Center: Your path to ascension

13 Card Magical Wave Circle Reading

The 13 Energies at work within You. A comprehensive look into how you are doing!


1. What you are Attracting, 2. What is Polarizing in your life, 3. What you are Creating, 4. What you are finding Balance in, 5. Where you are feeling Empowered, 6. What is Flowing, 7. What you are Channeling, 8. What you are Harmonizing with, 9. What is Expanding in you, 10. What is Manifesting, 11. What you are Releasing, 12. What you are Understanding, 13. Where is your point of Ascension!

 2 Card Sacred Day Reading


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 5 Card Mayan Cross Reading


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 7 Card Virtues of Divine
 Power Reading


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 13 Card Magical Wave Reading


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