eb the path oracle card
cenote sacred pool oracle card
Ix the Magic Jaguar oracle card
yaxche sacred ceiba tree oracle card
akbal night oracle card
copal sacred incense oracle card
grandmother keeper of widom oracle card

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What are the Maya Majiks Oracle Cards?

An original over-sized deck of 74 cards and a 94 page book with all the meanings


Maya Majiks Oracle Cards are the culmination of ten years of living with the modern Maya people. In creating these mysterious and soul-searching cards, I have endeavored to stay true to Maya principles that are simple and enduring. You will find duality is a main theme along with finding balance in life and connecting with the realms of heaven, earth, the underworld, and the in-between places. You will meet gods and goddesses and elemental beings. You will visit sacred places and natural wonders. And you will taste the daily life of the modern Maya people.

All the pictures on these magical cards are actual photos transformed to look like oil paintings. 

The art of the Maya Majiks cards are real photographs. Every card is a photo of a real place, person, or thing. For example: The “alux” card was taken of a statue in Yucatan where offerings are left for an active alux!


So why do the cards look like oil paintings? Well, I will ask my computer…because it helped me on that front! But be assured that the “copal” card is an actual photo of burning copal incense and the “grandmother” card depicting a Maya woman making tortillas in a traditional kitchen is an actual photo too. All the photos were taken in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula in the heart of Mayaland.


Because they are real photos, they carry the powerful energies of real events and sacred places on the Yucatan Peninsula. I believe using this method allows for these real events, people, and places to transmit their energy through time and space to you.

There are no negative cards in this deck of 74 original oracle cards. However, the dual nature of life reminds us that we need both the sun and the rain to flourish. All the encouragement offered here is with the hope that you will find rest and peace and the strength to work through your daily challenges. The gift of the modern Maya people is that of ancient wisdom that is still relevant today. May you be blessed as you open your mind and heart. And may you learn a little of this beautiful and ancient culture as you see your own life in its quiet reflection.

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