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2 Bizarre Stories and a Ghostly Photo Near Chichen Itza

After posting an article about 5 Creepy Stories from A Haunted Hotel near the Maya ruins of Chichen Itza, several people wrote in to Mysterious Mexico with their own stories about ghostly and strange experiences at hotels in the area! Here are two of the most amazing ones!

Lisa Dobson’s Bizarre Experience

We stayed at Doloros Alba late in December of 2018. My mother-in-law was so sick with Montezuma's Revenge (tummy trouble) when we arrived. While most of our party went to Cenote Ik Kil, I stayed with her, and my husband and friend went to the closet village to get a doctor. They didn’t find a doctor, but a pharmacist did send meds.

They returned to find my Mother-in-law worse, in bed, curled up moaning, and so frightened we could not get her attention to take the medicines!

She eventually went in and out of bursts of sleeps for 16 hours. I stayed with her all night and I remember asking her who she was talking to every time I would take her to the bathroom (I would stand outside the door). In the bathroom, she would say things like "Tell them when I die I will miss them," and "Will you be there when I arrive?" She was very coherent in the bathroom. Once she was outside the bathroom, I could not get her into reality again-just moaning and moaning.

After 7am she wanted to shower! I said, “No, you are too weak.” She insisted, so I placed a plastic lawn chair from outside in the shower, set her up, and stayed outside the bathroom door. She kept saying, “Mi pequeno amigo (My little friend),” and “Eres mi sol (You are my sun).” I thought she was talking to me.

But when I would check, she would get mad and boldly say, “Get out!”

After the shower, she emerged fully ready for the day, feeling well and ready to eat! We were all in disbelief. The other mom in our group is an ICU nurse. I was also a nurse, and we were both astonished at her miraculous recovery. Until I read your article about Dolores Alba, I had no idea about the Haunted Hotel. Now, this experience kind of makes sense, but our story is a good outcome story. I will never forget that night. It was a trying experience I will never forget. My mother-in-law was 81 at the time.

Of course, no one knows what Lisa’s mother-in-law saw in the bathroom that day, but there are several stories about Dolores Alba Hotel having aluxes (also known as duendes and kind of like Maya elves, GO HERE for surprising new info about aluxes). The phrase, “Mi pequeno amigo” which means my little friend, suggests that the woman was speaking to someone small. Aluxes are typically seen as small, childlike creatures, very human in appearance and 1-2 feet tall. Another story tells of someone seeing several of them, so her comment, “I will miss them,” could mean that she was also seeing more than one alux.

The seemingly miraculous healing could also be from interacting with aluxes. Traditionally they are protectors and can be very helpful and, of course, are very magical!

Barry Launius’ Ghostly Photo

During the Spring Equinox of 2011, I was staying at Hotel Villas Arqueologicas, just outside Chichen Itza, when I took a photo in the courtyard and there was a ghostly image of the profile of a Mayan Warrior in the photo. I was so excited that I showed all the staff and they got worked up too. I had been walking around the courtyard, after dinner, taking pictures. I took a photo of the plant against the wall and there the spirit or something was. It wasn't there in reality. It was only seen in the picture. There was NO smoke anywhere around!

For those of you who do not know, the energy at the Maya ruins of Chichen Itza is very high during the spring equinox. The main pyramid is built so that the passing of the sun overhead creates a shadow that looks like a snake that slithers down the pyramid steps as the day goes on, eventually coming into alignment with the snake head carving at the bottom of the steps. The snake is a representation of the god Kukulkan, who the pyramid is named after. Thousands of people come from all over the world every year to witness the phenomenon and many claim to have supernatural experiences during that time.

Did the ghost of an ancient Maya warrior appear at the hotel, which is actually on the grounds of the ruined city? Perhaps he came back to honor the feathered serpent god, Kukulkan. Or perhaps it was something entirely different. Whatever it was, there is no denying the apparition that appeared in the photo caused some excitement with the locals working at the hotel. It IS, after all, an area filled with myth and magic!

Do YOU have any strange, mysterious, or magical stories to share?

Perhaps something near the ruins of Chichen Itza, or Tulum, or any of the other ancient ruin sites? Or maybe your crazy experience is linked to the mysterious cenotes that dot the land? Have YOU seen an alux, a ghost, run into a shapeshifter, had an odd time-shifting experience, seen a UFO, or had any other bizarre happenings in Mexico?

Email me at laura@mysteriousmexico.com or use the form on the CONNECT page to contact me. Send me your photos or videos and tell me your story of something magical, spooky, or mysterious happening in Mexico. I’d love to hear it and perhaps publish it in another upcoming article on Mysterious Mexico!

Waiting for more bizarre, magical, mysterious stories,


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