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Manifesting Elly and A Maya Blessing

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

His name was Elly. Well, it was much longer than that, but I can’t pronounce it and Elly fits just fine. We manifested him standing there beside the road, looking to catch a ride.

At five o’clock that morning the three of us piled into the car and headed south into the Zona Maya with the intention of finding a Maya shaman. We wanted to do some investigating in the jungle and we thought it might be prudent to start by getting the blessing of the Maya since we would be digging into their history, their culture, their ancient secrets. Noe said he thought we would not find the shaman, at least not at first. He said shaman's do not want to be found. He thought we would probably find the shaman’s apprentice and that person would lead us to the one we were looking for.

He was right.

We turned off the highway onto Route de Las Inglesias, just a few minutes into the Zona Maya, about an hour south of Tulum. Dense jungle crowded both sides of the road and pot holes occasionally threatened to swallow the car. A man on a three-wheeled bicycle--two wheels on the front and one on the back with a long, covered seat across the front-- appeared like an apparition from between the trees and started peddling down the road. Soon, the jungle began to break and small traditional Maya buildings make from sticks supporting grass roofs popped up here and there.

Noe rambled on about how we were looking for someone who did not want to be found and he drummed up all sorts of advice on how to ingratiate ourselves into the community in order that we might discover a lead. I told him not to worry. These things unfold like magic.

The out-buildings and simple homes became a bit closer together and we passed a delicate man and his wife standing close to the road. I slowed. “Do you think they want a ride?” I asked as I stopped, threw the car into reverse, and backed up down the mostly deserted road. I had the feeling we had almost missed the gift The Universe was sending us. Noe rolled down his window and asked the couple in Spanish if they needed a lift.

Yes, they did.

They were going into town.

Noe climbed in the back with Jen and Eliadoro (Elly) and his wife squished together in the front seat. It was only a minute before we were chatting with them. Elly had lived there all his life. It was a totally Maya town and most folks didn’t even speak Spanish. Yes, he knew the local shaman/priest. In fact, he was studying under him and would one day take over the position himself (shaman's apprentice). Yes, he could take us to him, in fact, he would be happy to. Of course, would could gain a Maya blessing. And would we also like a private tour of the cave and cenote nearby?