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Cryptozoology in a Sacred Cenote

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

OK, this is a story you may not believe... tentacle and all.

It happened in a private cenote called Maravilla, just down the road from Puerto Morelos. My friends Noe and Joanna had just returned from a dive trip to Mahajual on the southern edge of Mexico's Caribbean coast and they brought two divers back to Puerto Morelos with them--two girls, one a Chilean dive master and the other a Canadian dive instructor. Both had extensive scuba experience.

The girls were interested in diving Maravilla, especially because it is relatively unknown (Noe has been mapping it). So, Jo and Noe took them out there. It's about 20 minutes into the jungle and on private property. Noe had the key to the gate and the four of them suited up and descended into the hole of unknown depth in the jungle.

Once below the surface, the divers could see that cave opened up into a giant bell shaped dome. About 100 feet down was a sulfur layer that looked like dry ice or a thick layer of white fog from a graveyard scene in a scary movie. Jo told me you can play with the sulfur and it looks blue in the light of their powerful flashlights. She also told me that, although she has been to 120 feet, they have n