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The Secret of the Maya Revealed

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I found out where the Maya people went.

Now, I figure you just responded with one of two things. Either you said, "They didn't go anywhere. They are still living all though Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras." Or you said, "No one knows where the Maya went and you have completely lost your mind."

Well, I am very aware that the Maya people are still here because they are my neighbors. But specifically, I am talking about the Maya who built the pyramids, studied the stars, and calculated time probably better than any other civilization in history. The Maya fishermen and farmers and tour guides that I know today do not know how to build a pyramid to within millimeters of perfect geometric proportions from mammoth limestone rocks without the modern machinery of today.

. . . Or do they?

Enter Eliadoro (further known as Elly)

(I suggest you read about the beginning of our adventures with Elly, HERE)

We scooped Elly up on our way into the tiny pueblo of Chumpon and he was good to his word and introduced us to a Maya priest who gave us an official Maya blessing. And then Elly offered to show us around town. We spent the rest of the day with him exploring caves and centoes, meeting local people, eating grilled chicken, and watching puppies and tiny pigs scamper down the road. And while Elly showed us around, he told us stories. Stories about his family, and aluxes (GO HERE for more on aluxes), and The Caste War. Stories about modern day people living to extraordinary ages, children being taken into the woods by supernatural beings, and how to identify which jungle fruits were edible and how to cook them. But the most amazing story Elly told us was about the lost history of the Ancient Maya Civilization.