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5 Creepy Stories from a Haunted Hotel

There is a haunted hotel across the street from a cenote steeped in ancient magic. Of course, at one time there was no road between the land that the hotel now sits on and the deep, natural well across the street that once received human sacrifices. Perhaps the energy from the sacred well has so charged the land in the area that the veil between worlds is thin there. Perhaps the souls of ancient sacrificial victims haunt the place. Maybe the alux guardians of the cenote--magical beings created by shamans--wander the hotel gardens and pools. Maybe Chaac, the rain god to whom so many sacrifices were made, inhabits the area and can be called upon, or maybe even makes his presence known when you are least expecting it.

Whatever the source, the hotel is rife with stories about odd, unexplained, and even quite terrifying happenings in its simple rooms and lush jungle grounds!

Naked Tiny People in the Suitcase

One story was told to the hotel management by a guest who came to explore the nearby ruins of Chichen Itza and take a dip in the stunning cenote. He got settled in his pink, bungalow-type room, set his suitcase on the rustic, wooden table near the foot of the bed, and tucked himself in under the cotton sheets in hope of a good night’s sleep. Long after the moon had set and the room was dark and quiet, he was awakened by the sound of children’s laughter. To his amazement, as he lay in bed--still as he could hold himself--he saw what looked like several small, naked people (about 2 feet high) standing on top of the table. They had opened his suitcase and were rummaging around in it, taking clothes out and throwing them on the floor! The guest did not feel afraid, but rather very startled and lay as still as he could while watching the antics of the playing children. They didn’t seem to notice him, or perhaps didn’t care if he was watching, and they just continued playing with his things for such a long time that the man eventually fell asleep. When he awoke the next morning, everything had been neatly folded and returned to his suitcase and it had been zipped shut!

Were the naked people really aluxes? They certainly seemed to fit the description given by many local Maya people. According to the locals, an alux is a small guardian who is very childlike. They are created by shamans and given the task of protecting land, fields, or homes. Often, if the landowner does not properly feed the alux with offerings of tequila, corn, tobacco, or money, it will stop doing its job and become a bit of a prankster. They are described as being playful, causing a ruckus, throwing little stones, pinching or slapping people, moving or hiding objects, and being heard laughing!

We DID find an alux offering on the premises and several of the hotel workers admitted that there are aluxes in the area. Perhaps the hotel guest was only dreaming his own version of alux activity, or maybe he really did witness the little, mischievous beings firsthand!

The Lady in White and the Crying Child

Late one evening, around midnight, a hotel guard noticed a woman dressed in white leaving her hotel room with a crying child in her arms. She walked down the path, shaded in orange and grapefruit trees, and past the round pool to an area under a big palapa with colorful hammocks strung up for guests to use during the day. In an effort to quiet the crying child, the woman in white laid down in one of the hammocks, nearly colorless in the dark, and rocked the child until it stopped crying and perhaps fell asleep. Then, the woman gently carried the tranquil baby back across the hotel grounds and into the room. The guard thought that it was strange because it was slow season and there were very few guests in the hotel. At the beginning of his shift, he had received a list of the current guests and which rooms they were in and he did not remember that room being occupied, nor any children at all being in the hotel at the time. In the morning, he went to the front desk and asked the clerk for a list of which rooms were full and who was staying in them. The room in question was indeed empty and no children had been registered as guests that day. We don’t know if the woman and her crying baby were seen again, but we will ask next time we visit and spend the night there!

A Terrifying and Heavy Dark Presence

Sometimes, seeing an actual ghost or even a magical being is a lot less scary than seeing something with less form, less definition. We seem to take our scariness cue, not necessarily from what we see, but more from what we feel. In this story, a guest at the Doloros Alba hotel was lying in bed when a dark cloud came into the room. The cloud instantly filled the man with dread. Later, when he related his story to one of the hotel workers, he said the dark cloud felt like a very dangerous and negative energy and even went so far as to describe it as feeling evil! As the man lay in bed, paralyzed with fear, the cloud descended onto his chest and sat there, so heavy that the man felt as if he couldn’t breathe! Thankfully, it wasn’t there long before it lifted, went through the door into the bathroom and disappeared. When the man recovered his wits enough to get out of bed and investigate the bathroom, he found nothing there.

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