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A Strange Fog and Mayan Carvings on Catholic Churches

While exploring the ruins of an old Catholic church in the Maya pueblo of Piste, in Yucatan, Max and I made an amazing discovery. The church was built with stones from Maya ruins! You can clearly see Maya warriors, snake heads, glyphs, and faces! We took lots of photos and talked to the locals to see what we could learn about this odd sight.

Not long after, we were in Kaua, another Yucatan pueblo, and something spooky and very supernatural feeling happened.

It was late in the day—twilight really—and we were pulling out of our friend Francisco’s house to head back to Valladolid where we were spending the night. I drove around the block and pulled to a stop waiting to turn back onto the main road. But, as I sat there waiting, I looked across the street to where the small road continued on and saw fog so thick that all I could see was a dim light shining through it. I was tired after a long day of working with the people in this little Maya pueblo, and I almost dismissed the fog, but it seemed to be beckoning me.

And so, I drove across the main road when traffic cleared just so I could drive into the fog and see how it felt. But when I did, there was NO FOG THERE AT ALL!

It wasn’t as if the fog cleared, it simply ceased to exist.

When I sat in the car looking across the road, I could see nothing down the street but trees bending over both sides of the road and a pea-soup think fog covering the entirety of the road with only a dim light shining through it. But as soon as I crossed the main road, the fog was simply no longer there and in front of me was the ruin of an ancient Catholic church. The newer part of the church was attached to it and I could see a small, dark red door and that same light that I saw peering through the dense fog at me.

I was confused, but also excited and, since it was already late, we made a plan to come back the next day.

Sometimes it feels like forces are calling you, leading you, leaving out breadcrumbs for you to follow. This is one of those stories, and it doesn’t end here.