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I Have Seen Your Soul

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

"I have seen you."

The cave was amazing, as it was every time we came to see it. Thousands of stalactites hung from the ceiling and crystal clear water reflected them making it seem like two worlds in tandum, one an upside down reflection of the other, not unlike the Maya world view.

Uku Cuzam Cave in Muyil

Max thanked Estaben, the property caretaker who was indgienous Maya, and then said, "Good-bye." But he was a bit puzzeled when Esteban responded with his own way of saying good-bye . . .

"I have seen you."

Don Emilio, father to Estaban and caretaker of Uku Cuzam

I have seen you. Not just; I have seen you, your body, your physical form. More than that. I have seen into you. I acknowlege you as another soul. I have paid attention, looked into your eyes, and seen the you who lives in your body. How often do we look at someone and not really see them? We go about our days bee-bopping around, flitting from one activity to another, a bit self-absorbed (though not with any kind of bad intention). How often to we live for days on end in our own world and not get outside of ourselves enough to really "see" into someone?

The Maya world view is fundamently different than our western one. I spend a lot of time connecting with people in small villages and doing my best to really pay attention, to listen, to "see" as much as I can. And I am learning some things that I value very much and want to apply to my own life. Things you might also want to apply to yours.