Eat your way to higher functioning intuition. Enjoy delicious food while nurturing your third eye. Increase your spiritual sight by increasing delicious, sixth-sense-boosting foods in your diet.

   Laura LaBrie and Max Martinez team up in Third Eye Cookbook, a Maya Inspired Guide and Cookbook to Heal Your Spiritual Sight. Together they show you the connection between science and spirituality, explain how your spiritual sight is connected to your pineal gland, and teach you how to cook your way to a healthier intuition. You will find out how chocolate will help increase your spiritual sight and how the ingredients in Mexican food can clear your intuitive vision. And, you can do it all while savoring delicious recipes like Mango and Scallion Salmon, Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad, or Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans!

   With 101 healthy, cleansing, intuitive-activating recipes, and advice on how to decalcify and activate your pineal gland, you will want to sit down and start reading (and eating) right away! Now is the time to invest in yourself and make the lifestyle changes that will heal your spiritual sight. With a few simple practices and a LOT of delicious food, you CAN rediscover your ability to “see” beyond this material place and reconnect with the ethereal world you always knew was there!    

Third Eye Cookbook