A Two Day Shamanic Journey

Spend Time with a Shaman, Experience a Cleansing Ceremony & Soak in a Sacred Cenote

A Maya Shaman/Herbatero

Francisco (the guy in the blue shirt) is our friend and the last herbatero/shaman in his village. He has spent his life learning about medicial plants in the jungle and helping people using both natural and supernatural means. A kind soul and intuitive spirit, he is a real treasure. 

While you are with us, you will have the opportunity to recieve a cleansing ceremony from him and if you have any questions or concerns about your life (physical, spiritual, or mental) this is your opportunity to ask him for help. We have found him to have a wonderful inner knowing of what is going on even before you tell him!

We will meet with Francisco in his home where you will get to meet his family and see how they live. We never quite know what extra, interesting things will happen while we are there. So stay open to sharing a meal with them, learning how to make hand-made tortillas, visiting Francisco's family farm, or seeing a cenote in the village with a very interesting story about Maya gold!  

Our herbatero/shaman friend will also be happy to show you the medicinal plants he grows and explain their benefits to you, and he may even give you a healing tea to drink or a charm to wear!

doloros alba pool.jpg

A Hotel with Secrets


It isnt just the trip to see the shaman that is special. The hotel itself has some special things to offer. It has a pool that is an old reef and filled with water that is said to be very healing and charged with sacred energy. 

It has also been the site of many supernatural sightings including encounters with aluxob which are Maya jungle guardiens! In one story, a hotel guest woke up to find small child-like elemental beings playing with the clothes in his suitcase! (We will tell you the rest of the story along the way!)

Traditional Maya Food

(and Margaritas!)


And don't forget the food! The restaurant at Doloros Alba serves traditional Maya food. Think tamales, traditional lime soup, pibil--which is pork baked in a pit in the ground--and of course tacos!

A full bar is availabe by a second pool with hammoks nearby. Its all a bit rustic and charming with huge fruit trees and exotic tropical birds singing in the branches. 


The Sacred Cenote: Ik Kil


The morning after your time with the shaman, you'll be walking down stone steps and into a cave with vines hanging from the ceiling all the way to the water and little water falls casting rainbows about. 

Cenote Ik Kil is one of the most beautiful caves on the Yucatan Peninsulia and is considered very sacred by the Maya people. Both bones and peices of jewelry have been found in its deep, dark waters which are part of the largest water-filled cave system on earth. 

Lunch in Colonial Valladolid


On the way home, you will stop in the colonial town of Valladolid where you'll enjoy a delicious gourmet lunch in a coutyard restuarant on the square right next to the old church. I love the sikli pak, a local version of hummus made with Yucatan pumpkin seeds!


After lunch you'll have the opportunity to visit the scenic park and do some shopping in cute little shops around the square. The architecture here is filled with buildings painted in salmon, brick, gold, and fern sporting huge ornate doors and interesting stucco-type textures. It's a sharp contrast to the simple homes of the Maya people and serves to expand your vision of the history of the colorful Yucatan! 

$320usd (ask about private rooms)

This over-night excursion includes:

  • all transportation  

  • one night in Doloros Alba hotel

  • breakfast at the hotel restaurant

  • personal time with Francisco, the shaman/healer

  • a personal cleansing ceremony

  • possible suprise activites lead by our shaman or one of the other guides in the village

  • entry fee into Ik Kil cenote


We have Private Rooms Available

If you would like a private room, please contact me

Things that are not included in the price

meals except breakfast (breakfast is included)

any extra teas or herbs Francisco (the shaman) suggests for you

General Schedule

A Two Day Shamanic Journey 



  • Drive through little villages where you can buy fresh coconuts,

local honey, hand-made baskets or pottery or whatever else you see that catches your fancy

  • Stay at a hotel where you can swim in an ancient healing pool

  • Meet with Don Francisco, the local shaman, for a cleansing ceremony and personal time

  • Meet Don Francisco's family and spend time in his home

  • See the medicinal garden and learn about the plants

  • Go on a small adventure with Don Francisco (the shaman) as our guide (his choosing)

  • Enjoy a traditional Maya dinner and drinks

  • Hear stories about supernatural encounters in the area



  • Visit breath-taking Ik Kil Cenote for a swim and enjoy its energy and beauty

  • Have a traditional lunch in the old, colonial town of Valladolid

  • Enjoy the central park with its grand church and cute shops (don't miss the chocolate shop!) 

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butterfly blue.png