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Enrich Your Life!

Cuddle up with a book that will take you to the jungles, cenotes, and sacred ancient places. Here you will find books about the mysterious, magical side of Mexico, the Sacred Tzolk'in,

Adult Coloring, Magical food, even links to Journeys!

Third Eye Cookbook
Eat Your Way to More Powerful Spiritual Vision!

A foodie's guide to better intuition! This cookbook is packed with delicious recipes that will help increase your spiritual sight. Just imagine recipes for mahi-mahi smothered in orange-tamarind sauce, strawberry and goat cheese salad, and traditional Mexican spiced raw chocolate increasing your psychic powers and boosting your clairvoyant vision. How can food strengthen your intuition? The answer is a surprisingly simple.

$27.33 Follow this link to Amazon

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Mystik Maya
A Coloring Book Full of Mysteries

Shapeshifting creatures, waterlily monsters, celestial canoes (UFO's!), and supernatural beings come to you from the ancient art of the Maya. Imagine yourself coloring in the images painted by an artist over 1000 years ago. Feel what they might have felt as you look through their eyes into the mysterious world of the Maya cosmovision! $13.20

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How to Happify Your Life
Based on the Wisdom of Latin America

While looking for the answers to some of life’s most difficult questions and getting to really know the locals, I discovered something AMAZING! The people in Latin America hold the key to happiness! It’s so simple! They come from a place of being intuitively and profoundly connected to literally everything! I discovered it encompasses four basic areas: Authentic Self, Other People, Nature, and the Supernatural. Soon, with their help, I began to incorporate that connection into my own life. My life was radically changed. Now YOURS can be too!

$11.97 Follow this link to Amazon

How to happify Your Life
Research Trip
Join Us on a REAL Adventure!

Join us as we track down stories of supernatural beings and Maya mysteries in the jungles of Mexico. This is a real research trip and anything can happen! Follow the link below for information on current adventures!

adventure paraphanelia
Baby Girl 
The Rags to Riches Story
of a Mexican Street Dog

From the streets of a seaside Mexican town to the deck of a sailboat, Baby Girl is the rags to riches story of a dog who is sure to steal your heart. This novela is told from the point of view from Baby Girl herself. See the life of a street dog through her eyes, feel her joys, feel her fears, see her world.

Baby Girl
Sacred Tzolk'in
Daily Planner

Walk the Path of Alignment

Walk the Path of the Maya and come into alignment with Universe! This book is like a Maya Farmer's Almanac. You'll discover 260 daily energies, plenty of space to plan your days according to the energy of each day in the sacred Tzolk'in Calendar. You'll also find coloring pages, 260 different intentions, and plenty of journal space in this 545 page book that will take you through an entire Maya Tzolk'in year! $27 

Sacred Tzolkin Daily Planner
I Ran Away to Mexico
Laura's Personal Adventure!

Yes, I did run away to Mexico. And I unexpectedly found a spiritual thickness hovering over Latin America. From Mayan pyramids and cavernous entrances to the underworld, to shape-shifting beings and places where time and space bend, I found the remote rain forests and islands are rife with other-worldliness. As my journey took me deeper into the bowels of a land wracked with poverty and human suffering, I became increasingly aware of how the struggle for survival on this narrow isthmus is not won in this realm, but in the one beyond.

Rave reviews on Amazon! $11.97

I Ran Away to Mexico
Shamanic Journey
A Life Changing Experience

Spend two days in Yucatan, recieve a traditional Mayan cleansing, hve a personal consultation with the shaman, explore a Maya village, swim in a sacred cenote, visit a Spanish colonial town and enjoy delicious Mayan food! Click the button below to get all the details! $320

shaman and orbs
Finding Inner Place
The heart of your home is YOU!

Finding Inner Place will show you how to pull from the deep reservoir of who you are. It's a journey about discovering - and validating, yourself. Its about sharing THAT with your guests and allowing them to revel in the joy of YOUR place, YOUR home, YOUR deep inner being. Over 300 pages filled with tips, stories, recipes, self-discovery quizes and more!

Finding Inner Place
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