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Third Eye Cookbook

Eat your way to higher functioning intuition. Enjoy delicious food while nurturing your third eye. Increase your spiritual sight by increasing delicious, sixth-sense-boosting foods in your diet.

You will find out how chocolate will help increase your spiritual sight and how the ingredients in Mexican food can clear your intuitive vision. And, you can do it all while savoring delicious recipes like Mango and Scallion Salmon, Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad, or Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans!

With 101 healthy, cleansing, intuitive-activating recipes, and advice on how to decalcify and activate your pineal gland, you will want to sit down and start reading (and eating) right away! 

Third Eye Cookbook
Join an Expedition

Now YOU can COME WITH US as we track down supernatural stories in the jungle! These fantastic, one-of-a-kind expeditions will have you out in remote places, exploring ruins, cenotes, tiny Maya villages and more. We always connect with the local people and we never know what crazy stories we will uncover! It's exciting and full of the unexpected!

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Laura LaBrie in Ek Balam
Maya Majiks Oracle Cards
Oracle Cards & Guide Book

Original 74 Oracle Card Deck & Guide Book. You'll meet gods and goddesses and elemental beings, visit sacred places and natural wonders, and taste the daily life of the modern Maya people. $42

Maya Majiks Oracle Card Reading
Sacred Tzolk'in
Daily Planner

Walk the Path of the Maya and come into alignment with Universe! This book is like a Maya Farmer's Almanac. You'll discover 260 daily energies, plenty of space to plan your days according to the energy of each day in the sacred Tzolk'in Calendar. You'll also find coloring pages, 260 different intentions, and plenty of journal space in this 545 page book that will take you through an entire Maya Tzolk'in year! $27

Sacred Tzolkin Daily Planner
Tzolk'in Maya Wall Calendar

12 month full-sized wall calendar with all the Tzolk'in Maya days on it! Now you can plan ahead for the entire year knowing what each day's Maya energy is! Includes beautiful photos of the Mayalands. $17

tzolkin wall calendar.jpg
I Ran Away to Mexico

Yes, I did run away to Mexico. And I unexpectedly found a spiritual thickness hovering over Latin America. From Mayan pyramids and cavernous entrances to the underworld, to shape-shifting beings and places where time and space bend, I found the remote rain forests and islands are rife with other-worldliness. As my journey took me deeper into the bowels of a land wracked with poverty and human suffering, I became increasingly aware of how the struggle for survival on this narrow isthmus is not won in this realm, but in the one beyond.

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I Ran Away to Mexico
Shamanic Journey

This overnight journey takes you to a tiny Maya pueblo where you will get to spend PERSONAL TIME with the last remaining shaman in the village. Francisco is our good friend and was born into a long line of herbal/spirit healers. He is the real deal, very humble and also very magical. The stories you will encounter on this trip are breathtaking. Along the way you will also visit a very sacred cenote, stay in a haunted hotel and spend an afternoon in the colonial town of Valladolid.

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Don Francisco, the last shaman in his vi
Mystik Maya
An Adult Coloring Book Full of Mysteries

Shapeshifting creatures, waterlily monsters, celestial canoes (UFO's!), and supernatural beings come to you from the ancient art of the Maya. Imagine yourself coloring in the images painted by an artist over 1000 years ago. Feel what they might have felt as you look through their eyes into the mysterious world of the Maya cosmovision! $13.20

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Oracle Card Reading

Your choice of readings with the  Maya Majiks Oracle Cards comes with a lovely, well thought-out explanation and simple ways you can apply it to your life. Ask any question that resonates with you.​ Just click on the button below to get started! 

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