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It was THEY who held the secrets

The Background Story

Sometimes our life-journey leads us to unexpected places.  

After the death of my husband, I ran away to Mexico thinking I would help the poor, thinking I would find meaning in life by removing myself from the day-to-day rat race of first world countries and working to improve the lives of marginalized, the cast offs of developing countries. 

I lived among indigenous people groups and in remote ex-pat communities, for seven years moving from place to place throughout Mexico and Central America spending months here and month there, living out of a carry-on suit case and a back-pack. 

But as I searched for ways to connect with and support the poor, odd experiences began to find me. As I reached out to those I deemed less fortunate than I, I quickly learned that it was they who were the keepers of secrets. They didn't need my help to improve the quality of their lives. They already held the keys to happiness. 

Quickly I shifted my focus to learning from them. I dug in deep, living with them, in their communities, close to their families, in order to observe and understand their core approach to life and their daily practices. I saw how everything they did was steeped in connection, connection to their authentic selves, connection to each other, connection to the natural world, and connection to the vast beyond.


I honored these people, and they took me into their hearts and one, by one, began to share with me the secrets of the knowledge of the old ways.  They taught me about medicinal plants, and the paths of energy, about the flexibility of time and space, and about powerful being that are neither body no spirit, but rather "nature" or "elements" who reside in the gateways to other planes of existence. 

As I embraced their world, I found myself stepping through time barriers, crisscrossing folds in space, seeing through portals into other dimensions, encountering elemental beings, shape-shifters, and creatures from faerie tales whispered at twilight when the veil between worlds becomes thin. 

I began to record my experiences and seek out understanding, asking questions of elderly Mayans, and Bribri, and Ngobe Bugle, talking to shamans, herbateros, and medicine men and women, listening to stories passed down through the generations, explanations of the inner workings of the universe, and first hand experiences had by those whose lives brush close to the sacred, the immaterial, and the non-visible vibrational frequencies where you must hone your spiritual sight, your sixth sense, your third eye vision in order to be aware of and interact with the very real entities that reside in these places.

At first I was fascinated by what I was learning and I thirsted by force of deep curiosity for both more information and my own personal experiences. I confess I battled with my own pre-conceived ideas and societal programming. But the evidence of what I found was undeniable and little by little my eyes were opened to worlds I had always hoped really existed. But soon I saw that my journey was not just one of spiritual space exploration, there was a much more pressing and vital reason for accessing the ancient wells of connection. These people whom society had cast aside knew intimately  that we all were in danger of losing something, something precious, something irreplaceable. 


"As you teach the secrets of happiness, tell the world we are in grave danger of losing them," implored Sebriano, an elderly Mayan man who lived in a small village outside the ruins of the ancient ruins of the Mayan spiritual center of Chichen Itza. "Tell them our story. Tell them who we are and what we have lost already." 

He spoke of shape-shifting beings made of air and water and old gods who manifest as dragons in the cenotes and beautiful women in the forest. He linked precise and accurate knowledge of these beings to human well-being. He shared histories of the connection between mankind and the supernatural. He shared first hand accounts of encounters with beings of power, accounts filled with rich and colorful detail. And he made checked over and over again as I scribbled everything down to make sure I was recording it accurately and in precise detail. 

"You are blessed to have witnessed this," he declared after exhausting as much information as he could bear. 

I walked away not fully understanding the link between human well-being and what I once would have called the paranormal. But a fire had been lit within me to honor the request of this man who understood that once, long ago, the history of his people had been lost. A man descended from the great Mayan civilization that understood the stars and our connection to the earth in all her vibrant glory. A fire had been lit and I can longer sleep at night without drifting off into dreams of uncovering secrets that will restore our joy, our stability, our awareness of our intrinsic connection to all things. 

And so, not just because of simple curiosity, not just to answer personal questions about the nature of the universe, but to honor a man and a culture and to recover and record information that will rescue us from this slide into empty materialism and robotic unconsciousness, I have determined to seek out and preserve that which is slipping from our grasp before its too late. 

"We have severed our connection to Spirit. That is what our society has done.

It has sought to persuade us that the material realm is the only realm

and the only way we are going to recover it is to reconnect with spirit."

~Amazonian Shaman


NOTE: Sebriano is not the only one who has asked me to record the stories of the people. There have been others. I hold them in my heart and will do what I can to honor their requests.